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Decades of Hard To Place Risks

Prime Insurance Company specializes in writing unconventional and challenging risks beyond the appetite and capacity of the standard market. Over the past 30 years, brokers and agents have developed trust in Prime Insurance Company as a carrier that provides a stable market for their specialty liability needs. The decades have brought a wide spectrum of unusual risks with unique exposures that required flexible underwriting and customized coverage policies not readily available elsewhere. Prime Insurance Company is proud of its ability to provide insurance solutions for the very hardest to place risks.

During our time in business, Prime Insurance Company has been challenged with some of the most difficult and unusual risks. These include submissions by individuals undertaking perilous endeavors like a daredevil jumping across a canyon with a motorcycle, a thrill-seeker bungee jumping out of a helicopter over a volcano and another flying down a mountainside in a wing suit. Other risks involved nontraditional and singular business models like a paranormal ghost tour, a camp teaching how to track the legendary Bigfoot and a fire walking spectacle. Prime Insurance Company has also provided coverage solutions for extremely high performance vehicles, waterjet propulsion flyboards and a dragon themed parade float that emits smoke. Our underwriters have even provided quotes for search and rescue operations in remote Texas, high value antique items and well known celebrity charitable events.

The breadth of specialty and hard to place risks that Prime Insurance Company is able to write is what distinguishes us as a carrier. With many years of experience, we have developed a knowledge of our industry few can match. Brokers and agents know that when they are presented a risk with atypical liabilities and exposures, Prime Insurance Company provides a market where they can easily place that risk. By making hard to place risks easy to write, Prime Insurance Company provides producers with insurance options and solutions to help them grow their book of business and stop kicking risks to the curb.


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