Insurance: Custom Coverage for the Amusement and Recreation Business

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Insurance for the Amusement and Recreation Industry

Insurance: Custom Coverage for the Amusement and Recreation Business

Insurance for the Amusement and Recreation Industry

If your client offers mobile entertainment services, they’re in the business of special events. Whether the business uses specific venues, parks, or even their customers’ premises, they will need special event insurance to cover any liability claims they face. Standard policies might not include the right coverage for your client’s specific amusement and recreation services, so make sure both you and they are aware of the liabilities their business faces. This is why we offer a customized solution to fit your needs – customized liability insurance for the amusement and recreation industry.

What is special event liability insurance, and why would you clients need it?

If your client isn’t using their own facilities for their customers’ parties and special events, then they are most likely the third party hiring a venue and setting up the function on-site. This means your client could be held responsible for any property damage, city ordinance violations, and other claims. These claims could also include injuries, so any potential gaps in your client’s coverage could be costly.

But special event liability insurance won’t just cover your clients in the event of an accident at a third-party venue. It can also cover liquor liability insurance, or customize that element of coverage given specific events. Your client might want to further customize and take advantage of this insurance for cancellation endorsements and to easily name venues as additional insured. Because so many venues require this, being able to offer it as part of your insurance coverage is good for your client’s business and your own.

Entertainment events can have a wide variety of risks. If you can help your clients ascertain those risks and account for them, while also making them a trusted business with their local venues, you can better serve your clients.


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