Success Stories
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Success Stories

Prime is a specialty liability, professional, property and casualty insurance carrier that customizes coverage when other markets decline. Here are a few examples of solutions we recently provided to the marketplace.

Bailees Coverage

A magazine spread photographing high end expensive items such as artwork and jewelry was required to have bailees (care, custody and control coverage), and we issued a short term policy for their needs.

Garage Services

An auto repairs and sales company looking for coverage because standard markets don’t have an appetite for this class.


We provided a garage policy which includes dealer’s open lot.

Guided Foreign Trips

Individuals and Groups traveling to Kenya, Galapagos Islands and Bhutan for Safari’s, Cultural and Scenic Tours.

High Risk Property Coverage

Insurance for private land and forestry in Pacific Northwest for fire coverage.


A Homeowner in coastal area with a claim in year prior. Due to the location and claim history, no admitted carrier or other surplus lines carrier had an appetite for this risk.


We provided options for coverage and lower limits to secure the risk.


The owner of a Porsche 911 coupe who is being trained to be a high performance/race driver. He is taking instructions at two tracks and uses his own vehicle with an instructor in the car for on track training. His personal insurance excludes racing so we customized coverage for only the specific days he trains.

Retail Rental

Dealership that was renting recreational equipment. They were trying to obtain GL coverage for their business, Inland Marine coverage for their equipment and the Online Rental Program for extra protection. There are few markets that will insure rental of equipment.


We provided flexible options, which set us apart from others quoting the risk.

Specialty Contractors

Riggers Legal Liability. Raising and lowering homes from their foundations in order to repair and working in hard hit hurricane areas.

Special Events

We wrote an extreme special event that included spectator participation for endurance tests such as fire walking.

Vacant Property

A landlord of a vacant condo project. Specialty risk, looking for options on special perils and replacement costs in a high-risk area and the property was also under renovation.


We provided options for package and mono-line coverage.